5 GREAT reasons to head to Japan in Spring

5 GREAT reasons to head to Japan in Spring

The Japanese Winter months are well and truly behind us, so naturally, Japan is looking forward to summer - unfortunately, this means no snow. But, what about Spring? You don’t get from metres and metres of snow to green hills in no time. You need Spring and Spring Japan is a fine thing. The time of year when you get blue skies, longer days on the slopes, corn snow and of course a whole suite of other adventures that open up like flowers. 

Kicking off at the end of March and hanging out until early May, spring season skiing in Japan has so much to recommend it. So, without further ado let’s get to it - Five great reasons to lock in a Spring Ski Trip to Japan in 2020.

Fewer people, smaller lines, more time and more fun

More sun equals more runs. There are a golden 6 or so weeks in Spring where you still have enough snow to get a full day of skiing in and have enough sunlight to maximise your time on the slopes. Add to this a significantly reduced line at ski-lifts, restaurants and tourism drawcards meaning, you’re able to get more time doing what you love and less time wishing the line was smaller. 

Cheaper gear

Out with the old and in with the new, if you’re an avid skier or snowboarder Spring Season means the best option to grab a bargain on new stock. Not only hardware but also some practical cold weather gear that may even make it out of the wardrobe for the Aussie Winter that you’ll be coming home to. As an added bonus you’ll also have access to cheaper hire gear. 

Value on your gear and your trip? We’re ticking a few boxes and we’re only two points in! 

Sakura / Cherry Blossom season is kicking off

One of the major drawcards to Japan has always been the Cherry Blossoms. Beautiful pinkish hues ushering in the season of new life… you get the picture. You’ve seen the Instagram photos and have probably even said: “I’d love to see Cherry Blossom’s in Japan.” The Cherry Blossom season is transient but occurs around the end of March with Peak bloom a few days after. The smart ski-traveller would definitely line this up and ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as it were.

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Blue Sky and Corn Snow Days

The outlook for Spring on the Japanese slopes is an envious one. Days of blue skies and just warm enough to see the snow change to ‘corn snow’. Those enviable little ice lumps that make for a truly fun morning ski run. Don’t get us wrong, the powder hounds will be underwhelmed but the compromise isn’t as big as you’re thinking. Even as the day progresses and the snow becomes a little more ‘sticky’ there’s still plenty.

A Better Price - If you get in now

Check out these Early Bird Spring offers:

Green Season Prices (the lowest season pricing) for Spring Snow Holidays

Travel 15 Mar – 07 May 2020

Lodge Rooms from AUD$980 (Total for 2 Guests) PER WEEK
Self-Contained Houses & Apartments from AUD$3,500 (Total for 6-8 Guests) PER WEEK

AUD$50 per adult per day
AUD$29 per child per day (6-15yrs)

Need more convincing? Reach out to us and we’ll fill you in on all the right info to enjoy a remarkable Spring Season Snow Holiday - Contact World Snowfaris today!

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