In Focus - Madarao Mountain Lodge - Owner Interview

In Focus - Madarao Mountain Lodge - Owner Interview

With the Australian summer fast approaching, we know that thoughts are turning to the Japanese winter!

Once again a Snow Holiday is on the agenda! In preparation for another sterling season, we’ve been in touch with our operators across Japan. Join us as we share their advice and tips for making the most of your Japan Snow Holiday, the improvements they’ve made ready for your stay and the insights that will ensure you maximise your experience. 

Mark from Madarao Mountain Lodge joins us first and gives us the low down on all things Madarao, what to expect plus some great insight on his motivations and where to head to maximise your ski trip to Japan.

Snow:  What brought you to this part of the world to have your own lodge?

Mark:  I first came to Nagano in 1998 when I worked at the Nagano Olympics for CBS Television. I first came to Madarao in 2008. We bought a farmhouse near Madarao and I worked two seasons on ski patrol at the mountain.

Snow:  What’s most unique about your property/location?

Mark:  Our location is right on Madarao Mountain next to the lifts.  Our lodge has a great restaurant and my wife Aya is a sushi chef... we are the only place you can get sushi and fresh sashimi in Madarao!

Snow:  Wow that’s awesome, fresh Sushi in Madarao that’s got to be a tasty experience for Aussies. We’re asking for secrets now… but please can you highlight your number one ski runs and why?

Mark:  Without giving away too much, you should definitely climb the ridge up to the peak of Mount Madarao and ski the side country. Trust me you won’t regret it ;).

Snow:  For sure, that sounds like a hot tip, next time we’re in Madarao we’ll check it out. So, do you have a favourite month of the season (Dec-Apr)? 

Mark:  January is the most fun but late February is usually the best value. 

Snow:  What is your top spot for a weekend away or end of season holiday?

Mark:  Okinawa, absolutely Okinawa. If you can marry up your trip and stay in Okinawa you’re in for a memorable trip. 

Snow:  Great thanks for the hot tip! So, do you have any new projects or improvements on the agenda for next season?

Mark:  We are completely changing the colour of our lodge to green and are redoing our toilets and putting in more private showers. We will also add a balcony this year. It’s non-stop.

Snow:  Fantastic, can’t wait to hear the feedback from our guests. One last question before you go. Can you share a quirky fact we may not know about you or your staff?

Mark:  Hahaha, yeah my daughter Hanako is a kendama champion. Try to beat her! 

Thanks for your time Mark, it sounds like Madarao is in for another great season. Looking forward to catching up again. 

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