Hakuba January Snow Report

Hakuba January Snow Report

Pic: Hakuba, posted Jan 2019.

Since we’ve last checked in with Hakuba there’s been a lot of snowfall. Despite the shaky start to the season, Hakuba is well and truly off and running now. We’ve checked in with our Japan Snow expert Kiyomi for a brief rundown and a follow up on how January came in strong.

Jan Snowfall

There were some significant dumps throughout December, with the first ‘real’ snowfall happening later in the month. January followed suit and built upon that base. Falls were around 60cm-100cm throughout the month. You can see the full base amounts across Hakuba below, courtesy of our friends at SnowJapan.com (see below).

Wildlife Sightings

With the snow coming down as it has been, there have been a few wildlife sightings... Kiyomi has reported sightings of Tanukis and Foxes. Tanuki’s are also called Japanese racoon dogs and have occupied a special place in Japanese folklore and like their relatives, the Kitsune (Foxes) turn into people and other objects in stories.

Fun Fact

The local kindergarten in Hakuba recently posted this video on their Facebook page - here.  Despite the snow dumps, the little tikes are still making the effort to go to school and are wrapped up in their snow gear, ready to learn. 

Where to eat 

Every month we’ve asked Kiyomi to recommend a place to eat or a favourite restaurant. If you’re a ramen fan and heading to Hakuba then you’re in for a treat.  Ramen Tottusan is located a short walk from Hakuba station and if Kiyomi is to be trusted (absolutely she is) this is some of the best Ramen to be had in Hakuba. 

As Kiyomi says, “They are the best Ramen restaurant in town. I'd like everyone to try their ramen - Soy sauce ramen, Shio (salt) ramen, Miso ramen and Spicy Sesame Miso Ramen!”.

Onsen of the Month

Mimizuku no Yu... this is Kiyomi’s favourite onsen in town. If you go there before sunset, you'll have a great view with Hakuba's 3 peaks from the outdoor bath, with snow around you.

Favourite Ski fields of the month

Hakuba Cortina - If you are a powder junkie, stay tuned with snow forecast, plan well, book a tour if you are staying in Echoland area. http://naganosnowtours.com/cortina/

If you are staying in Happo area, catch a bus at Happo Bus Terminal (Make sure you get there early) http://www.vill.otari.nagano.jp/kanko/access/shuttlebus/

Don't forget to bring an onsen towel (or rent a bath towel at Hotel Green Plaza located at Hakuba Cortina).

With January snowfalls further cementing Hakuba’s reputation as a powder playland we’re really excited. If you’ve found yourself wishing you locked in your ski trip for this year? Make sure you don’t sit out the 2019/20 season.

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Hakuba Snow Base as of Jan 2019

Hakuba Happo-one
Official snow depth:
- Kurobishi: 280cm
- Usagidaira: 185cm
- Nakiyama: 170cm 
Hakuba Goryu
Official snow depth:
- Top: 300cm
- Toomi: 180cm
- Iimori: 130cm
Hakuba 47
Official snow depth:
- Top: 300cm
- Base: 155cm
Tsugaike Kogen
Official snow depth:
- Tsuga-no-mori: 350cm
- Han-no-ki: 310cm
- Maruyama: 155cm
- Shirakaba: 255cm
- Champion: 180cm
- Oya-no-hara: 185cm
- Kane-no-naru-oka: 185cm
Hakuba Cortina
Official snow depth:
- Top: 300cm
- Base: 205cm
Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field
Official snow depth:
- Mountain Side: 200cm
- Village Side: 120cm
Hakuba Norikura Onsen
Official snow depth:
- 270cm
Hakuba Valley Kashimayari
Official snow depth:
- 215cm
Hakuba Sanosaka
Official snow depth:
- Top: 190cm
- Base: 120cm


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