Why a December Snow Holiday is the very best present of all!

Why a December Snow Holiday is the very best present of all!

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Give yourself & your family a White Christmas in Japan this year. 

Be First on the Japanese Slopes 

The snow season opens by mid-December in most Ski Resorts in Japan and you can make the first tracks of the year on the mountain. You’ll be the first to carve on the groomed runs and a pioneer off-piste. The vibe on the mountain is pure excitement as skiers and boarders have been waiting months for the season to kick off!  The slopes tend to be less crowded early season which means more fresh powder for you!  The lodge staff are pumped and full of energy to show you around their new Winter Wonderland!

Visit the Christmas Markets in Tokyo

When you fly into Tokyo, make the effort to visit the Tokyo Christmas Markets for an unforgettable experience. The Markets are modelled off German Christmas Markets, so it’s like visiting two continents in one night! They are filled with Christmas crafts, massive Christmas trees, traditional German food, mulled wine and the latest hot cocktails. The Tokyo Markets are only on for the couple weeks prior to Christmas. It’s a unique opportunity that you won’t want to miss!

Guaranteed White Christmas in Japan

By going to Japan for a Snow Holiday in December you will get to experience the magic of a White Christmas. Nothing compares to waking up and seeing snow drift from the skies as the white blanket underfoot thickens. This Christmas you can snowboard or ski, create snow angels or snowmen, and throw a snowball at your kids or mates. After Christmas Day on the slopes, you will want to get cosy around the fireplace celebrating the holiday with traditional ‘Nabe’ (hot pot dishes).

The Gift of an Unforgettable Japanese Experience

Take a break from the rampant commercialisation that bombards our everyday lives and the Christmas season. The latest toy will break in a few weeks, and the highlight with that thing will be the day it’s opened. However, a trip to Japan will give you memories and stories that will be shared for decades and generations. A December holiday in Japan is the opportunity to invest in loved ones instead of things.

Winter Illumination

If you missed out on the Christmas Markets, here is another chance to be part of a Japanese cultural encounter. Winter Illuminations are held throughout December across Japan. Each Illumination has a particular style and theme that will leave your eyes twinkling in awe. Some have a small viewing fee, but they are all worth your time as you will be swept up in the wonder of the Christmas season.

It’s the Best Way to Unplug

Shut off the technology and reconnect with the closest people in your lives. Firstly, most businesses slow down as the year winds to a close. No one else is working, so you won’t have the temptation to hop on your email and mentally take yourself out of your holiday. Most of us reach for our phones when waiting in life. Downhill skiing requires uphill lifts, but this waiting will be different. When you’re on the lift, your hands are very content in the warmth of cosy gloves and you won’t want to reach for your phone. Instead, you’ll be struck by the awesome scenery of the Japanese Alps surrounding you. Lift time can be quality time with nature and loved ones!  A December Snow Holiday in Japan is the very best present of the year!

Breathtaking Hakuba: Located in the Nagano region of the pristine Northern Japan Alps, Hakuba stands out as one of Japan's top ski resort areas. The host of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Hakuba comprises nine ski resorts stretched across a broad valley, and provides more terrain, vertical rise and advanced ski and snowboard slopes than anywhere in Japan. Abundant snow falls and excellent...


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